Rob Hrabe

Position: Chairman & CEO of VRC Metal Systems


Robert H. Hrabe is currently the Chairman & CEO of VRC Metal Systems, LLC of Rapid City South Dakota.


In 2006, he retired from 22 years of service in the United States Air Force as Lt. Colonel and B-1 Bomber pilot.


In 2007, he became President/CEO of H. F. Webster Inc. which developed and implemented friction stir welding technology into DOD and commercial applications.


Subsequently, Mr. Hrabe founded H. F.Webster Engineering Services Inc. developing and implementing various technologies including cold spray. He then co-founded VRC Metal Systems in 2013.VRC Metal Systems is an advanced technology equipment manufacturer and service provider.


The company manufactures an additive metal deposition machine based on a technology known as “cold spray”. The machine uses high-pressure heated inert gas to accelerate metal powders through a supersonic nozzle to deposit metal on a surface.
Rob is married to his lovely wife, Natalie.They have two girls, and four grandchildren. Rob & Natalie are very active in their church and community and avid Kansas City Chiefs fans!