Michael Vann

Position: The Vann Group, LLC


Michael Vann is the President of the Vann Group, LLC. Michael has over twenty years of strategic consulting and transactional advisory experience. He focuses his efforts on helping owners build and realize their value by creating the framework for continuity and scalability within their organizations.

His areas of expertise include strategic facilitation, succession/transition planning and mergers and acquisitions. He serves as a trusted advisor to the owners of companies who value his practical and personable approach and his ability to simplify complex business issues into an actionable plan.

Michael is the co-author of “Buying out the Boss: The Successors Guide to Succession Planning” which looks at succession and transition planning from the perspective of the internal acquirer. He is a frequent guest speaker on topics such as value building, succession/transition planning and selling a business.

Michael is a member of the Forbes Business Coaches Council, an invitation only community for business and career coaches.



George Mason University - BS Public Administration
PeerSpectives Licensed Facilitator
The Wharton School - Mergers & Acquisitions Program

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