Kyle Gayle

Position: Founder & CEO, Kyle Gayle & Associates, Inc.


In his 30+ years as a consultant and entrepreneur, Kyle Gayle has helped countless companies gain traction and build momentum by helping them identify, define, develop, and implement processes to get “unstuck.”

Kyle is a problem solver who has experience working with all levels of leadership, from C-level to front line managers, providing consulting, training, and coaching to empower organizations and individuals to succeed.

Using the Predictable Success model, Kyle will work with you and your team to unlock the mysteries of where you are and how you got here. Then, he will coach you and your team in building a plan that aims beyond the horizon to achieve your greatest organizational and individual goals.


  • Bachelor of Science Engineering Technology, Texas A&M University
  • Family Life Development Center – Life Coach
  • North Star Personal Development Program – Coach
  • HIPAA Certified
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect


  • Developed and implemented a sale commissioning system for a life science company
  • Developed and implemented a COE for a large government contractor
  • Lead and mentored a large multi-$B organization through the process of implementing governance and compliance throughout the organization
  • Created training and marketing materials for products of two different publicly traded software companies
  • Worked with a CIO of a large jewelry retailer to resolve a multi-vendor systems and process log jam
  • Developed a business unit for a 20M consulting company
  • Lead a consulting startup to 10M+ in revenue.
  • Consulted an Ivy League endowment fund on implementing cross-functional systems.
  • Coached and mentored numerous leaders through a transition.

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