Chris Villar

Position: Co-Founder and CEO of Frontpoint


Chris is Co-Founder and CEO of Frontpoint.


Born in New Hampshire and growing up in Northern California, Chris attended Georgetown University in Washington, DC and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He began his leadership journey working at the Georgetown Student Credit Union, one of ten entirely student run financial institutions in the United States. Beginning as a teller and working his way up to CEO his senior year, Chris lead the organization to a record year both in growth, assets under management and net income.


After graduation, Chris began his career at Goldman Sachs in New York with extensive experience in investment banking, leveraged finance, capital markets, and proprietary investing. He began investing in the security industry in 2005 and, in his role as co-head of the firm’s home security industry investing practice, he led debt and equity investments of ~$500 million in the residential and commercial alarm sectors.


In 2007, Chris resigned from Goldman and, after taking some time off, co-founded Frontpoint with a vision to disrupt the traditional alarm industry by creating a company that offered a safer, smarter, and simpler approach for consumers. Frontpoint was the first company to commercialize a high quality, self-installed alarm system and is, today, one of the top rated companies in the industry.


Over his 12-year tenure as CEO, Chris lead Frontpoint to become the 5th largest residential alarm company in the United States, in an industry with ~12,000 competitors. Reaching over $115 million in revenue with a 5-year compound-annual-growth-rate of over 20% and a peak workforce of over 750 employees, Chris has extensive experience with leading and managing all aspects of a fast-growing startup.


He was a finalist for the Ernest &Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and has been nationally recognized by Glassdoor as a Top CEO for small & medium companies. In his current role of Chairman, Chris focuses on disruption and innovation, working with the CEO and Executive Team to evolve vision, strategy and to ensure delivery of high performance execution across Frontpoint’s most important initiatives.


Chris and his husband, Shane, live in Logan Circle in Washington, DC with their 5-year old beagle,Willy. In his free time, Chris enjoys hiking, cycling, travel, cooking, and has done extensive mountaineering in Alaska, South America, and the Sierra Nevada and North Cascades mountain ranges in the United States. Chris is an “expressive, pressure prompted INTJ” in the Myers Briggs model and an Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4.