UPDATE Fri. Dec 6, 2019


I've uploaded around 30 assets in to the new Resources section (see menu link above - go to Resources > Downloads). There are around 50 more which I'll continue to upload. 

Two key issues to be aware of:

1. We're having issues with navigation - some links go to a dead end, and in particlar navigating back through the Resources taxonomy 'tree' is frustratingly confusing. We know it and are working on it.

2. Most anything with a call to action is pointing to an old or outdated link. I have all the original files off being edited to replace the CTA's with a direct link to the Practitioner directory. The new versions will start coming in next week, and we will replace the current versions as they do.

In the meantime, feel free to poke around, download and view anything / everything,  and start thinking of ways you can use the lead magnets in building your Predictable Success practice. If there are specific lead magnets you think you will use a lot, we can arrange to have the CTA customized for you.