Licensed Practitioner Program Event Calendar

Browse the calendar below for events related to the Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner Program.   Click here for an Agenda view.

These include:

  • Monthly 'office hours' - an open session for any / all Practitioners to dial in and ask questions. Note that LPP Office Hours are 3pm Eastern on the on the fourth Thursday of each month (except when impacted by holidays). Click on any Office Hours entry for the dial in details.
  • Opportunities to attend and audit client activities being delivered by Les. These are indicated by brackets around the title like this [Client Name]. Clicking on any event will show location and topic. Please inform Les in advance if you wish to attend any of these events. Travel and accommodation is on your dime.
  • Upcoming Licensed Practitioner Training for new cohorts - we extend your license renewal by 3 months for any new Practitioners you recommend and are accepted into the Program! ($2,500 value).
  • Related events, such as our Public Workshops and ScaleCon 2020.