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Accelerate in to growth with a structured Predictable Success Growth Program.


Develop your own growth leadership skills with a trusted Predictable Success coach.


Build a custom road map to growth with your senior team with an in-house workshop


Wow your association, group,  event or conference with a Predictable Success keynote.

People just like you have seen their business grow after hiring a Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner


Find the Licensed Practitioner that’s a match for your needs and your industry / market 

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Discuss your needs in detail in a no-obligation initial consulting call designed to ensure a fit

Get Results

Achieve your growth goals with a structured, proven roadmap and strong accountability

Don't leave the growth of Your Organization to chance

Hire a Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner and use a planned, proven pathway to growth with a partner you can trust.

Chris Villar

Predictable Success is without a doubt the best organizational growth methodology out there.

It has become an integral part of our organizational DNA and has delivered far more than I could have imagined or expected.

My only regret? That I waited 2 years from our first conversation before I began working personally with Les and his team.


Matt Long

I’ve experienced first-hand the positive impact and lasting change that Les McKeown's Predictable Success brings to a growing business - and to its leaders.

If you want to structure your organization to get to the next stage in growth, and also want to develop personally as a leader, I strongly recommend you get started with Predictable Success.

Matt Long President, J.E. Higgins Group

John Estabrook

The Predictable Success model vastly accelerated our success, and saved us from a multitude of potential ‘dead-ends’.

I thoroughly recommend Les McKeown and his team for any business wanting to break through to the next stage in growth.

John Estabrook CEO, Horne Building Specialties, Inc.

Marshall Goldsmith

Predictable Success provides an incredibly useful blueprint for any leader who is looking for sustainable growth.

Marshall Goldsmith million-selling author of ‘Succession Are You Ready?’ and ‘What Got You Here Won't Get You There’ - a WSJ #1 bestseller.

Vance Bell

Predictable Success provides a robust framework for any business leader wanting to achieve consistent and profitable growth.

Les McKeown's real world descriptions of company growth cycles should be heeded by all managers.

Vance Bell CEO Shaw Industries Inc (a Berkshire Hathaway company)

John Vance

Predictable Success has been a great investment for me and my team. It has helped us establish a shared vocabulary we now use when we talk about growth. It has been a great tool to help us openly discuss how we want to grow and the path we need to lay out to get there.

John Vance CEO, Pella Products of Kansas City

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Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner

Are you a consultant or coach looking to build your practice?

  • Are you a Consultant or Coach Looking to Build Your Practice With High Added Value?
  • A Successful Consultant or Coach Looking to Gain a Competitive Advantage?
  • Or do you Want to Self-Implement Predictable Success in Your Organization?

If so, then becoming a qualified Predictable Success Licensed Practitioner may be a perfect fit for you.

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Practitioners Found: 8

John-Mark Algallar
John-Mark Algallar
Founder/Owner, KEYN Solutions

At Keyn Solutions, we are keen on partnering with you to manage the complexities of your growing organization by implementing or optimizing your operational systems and processes. John-Mark has over 18 years of project management, systems analysis and design, and consulting experience with for profit, non-profit, and local government. He has worked on a wide range of projects from large-scale implementations to smaller projects for start-ups.

Jenni Catron
Jenni Catron
CEO, The 4Sight Group

Jenni Catron is an author, speaker, and leadership expert whose passion is to cultivate leaders to lead with clarity and confidence. As Founder and CEO of The 4Sight Group, Jenni and her team work with organizations to help align their teams to achieve their mission. With over 20 years experience in corporate and not-for-profit organizations, Jenni has a passion for helping leaders “put feet to their vision”.

Chris Denning
Chris Denning
Founder & CEO, The Inflection Group

The Inflection Group is focused on one thing: leading churches to HEALTH with Predictable Success. Led by Chris Denning, with world class training & years of experience of senior leadership at churches, The Inflection Group is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges your church is facing and how to get where you want to go.

Kyle Gayle
Kyle Gayle
Founder & CEO, Kyle Gayle & Associates, Inc.

In his 30+ years as a consultant and entrepreneur, Kyle Gayle has helped countless companies gain traction and build momentum by helping them identify, define, develop, and implement processes to get “unstuck.”

Scott Hallman
Scott Hallman
Owner, FourCored Coaching and Consulting

Scott has years of experience helping organizations step into new opportunities. Through project management, vision casting, culture setting and team building he helped organizations move forward into new initiatives and experience new success. If you are ready to explore next steps in your organization schedule a call.

Scott Propp
Scott Propp
Managing Director, Dentro Consulting LLC

For more than 30 years, Scott Propp has been helping executives and teams bridge the gap between ideation and execution to create measurable results. He has conducted business in more than 20 countries with over twelve different business models with leadership experience in functions ranging from R&D, Development Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Production Operations, Corporate Technology and Strategic Marketing.

Scott Ritzheimer
Scott Ritzheimer
CEO, 8-Figure Focus

At 8-Figure Focus, we help businesses in all industries cut through the noise and get their business growing faster than ever. We do this by creating a clear, compelling marketing narrative that drives results and by creating a clear organizational roadmap tailored to your stage of growth and the unique needs of your business. If you’re looking for a clear roadmap to help drive your business forward, we can help.

Michael Vann
Michael Vann
The Vann Group, LLC

Michael Vann is the President of the Vann Group, LLC. Michael has over twenty years of strategic consulting and transactional advisory experience. He focuses his efforts on helping owners build and realize their value by creating the framework for continuity and scalability within their organizations.